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Allec Pro

Allec Pro, the second submarine robot coming from Supportive Robotics is in the works and we think it’s time to reveal some information about it.

Where the original Allec was aimed at close to surface sailing the Allec Pro is capable of operating at depths up to 150 meter / 500 feet.

To be able to handle the big pressure, the hull of Allec Pro is made of aluminium. Anodized to be able to resist corrosion from sea water.

Anodized aluminium has the further benefit that it can be colored in various fantastic metallic colors.

Allec Pro in Kelp Forrest


Here some further info about the little submarine:

  • A true robot / Automated Underwater Vehicle, Allec Pro has Navigation system, Computer vision and AI. This allows it to do missions on it’s own, without wire. It can be wire controlled too, like a Drone, having an attachable/detachable tether wire.
  • The standard Allec Pro is designed for going deep. Rated for 150 meter / 500 feet.
  • The camera streams video through the tether wire or records it on the build in flash, when sailing on it’s own.
  • Propellers has no drive shaft, using instead magnetic coupling.
  • Small in size, it’s very easy to bring along. Length 27 cm, width 15 cm, height 13 cm. Weight 2300 g.
  • Hull is made of Anodized Aluminum, making it really durable and allowing for some pretty amazing metallic colors.

Stay tuned for a lot more information about Allec Pro.


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Please welcome Allec – the Submarine Robot

Get ready to explore,

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Have you ever wondered what’s down there?

Where the fishes are when you are at the beach?

How far does a crab actually travel during a day?


Well, no worries. All your questions can be answered, and the answer is Allec!

A quality robot for under water experiences and lots of joy.

Record, share, map and explore, Allec does it all, he just needs your guidance for take-off!


Please welcome Allec, the versatile submarine robot – Your next underwater partner!




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