Allec on dronebelow

Most drones we know are controlled by their owners from a relatively safe surrounding. An underwater drone would be remote controlled by users from the shore or from a ship/vessel on the water. However, Allec, the new submarine drone being developed by Supportive Robotics, Denmark is rather unique. Allec can be remote controlled, but can… Læs mere Allec on dronebelow

Allec featured on New Atlas

New Atlas: “We’ve featured a fair number of underwater drones over the past few years, and they’re pretty much all remotely-controlled by their shore-based users. Denmark’s Supportive Robotics, however, is developing one that’s a bit different. Known as Allec, it can be piloted via remote control, but it can also perform its own autonomous missions.”  … Læs mere Allec featured on New Atlas

Working in packs

The underwater world is a big place and sometimes it is more fun or efficient to bring friends.   Allec can work together with other Allecs to solve missions.   Say you want to quickly find places with wrecks or every fish you can possibly spot. Simply put several Allecs on the task.   The… Læs mere Working in packs

Object avoidance

A requirement for a robot sailing on his own is to be able to spot objects in his way and react on them.   In a earlier post we talked about Allec’s computer vision. It allows Allec to not just detect objects, but also understand what kind of object he is looking at.   So… Læs mere Object avoidance

Discovery Chart

A brilliant feature of Allec is his Discovery chart. It’s a graphical overview of what Allec experienced during his trip under water and will display the route sailed and the objects Allec recognized during the dive on an area map.   If you bring Allec along on your underwater diving or snorkeling trip, he will… Læs mere Discovery Chart

Allec vision

Allec does not just record the world around him, he actually sees it.   To be able to do this, Allec’s brain contain his own version of computer vision.   Allec is able to categorize what he sees into 10 categories, rating the likeliness of what he saw with at 0 to 100 % likeliness,… Læs mere Allec vision

Electronic Expansion Slot

Want Allec to control a robotic arm, extra external lights, Reverse mounted camera, measure temperature, get GPS coordinates (when above water), release depth charges…?   What you want is the Electronic Expansion Slot.   The Electronic Expansion Slot is Allec’s way of being able to adapt to your needs.   It’s basically an adapter that… Læs mere Electronic Expansion Slot