Allec vision

Allec does not just record the world around him, he actually sees it.   To be able to do this, Allec’s brain contain his own version of computer vision.   Allec is able to categorize what he sees into 10 categories, rating the likeliness of what he saw with at 0 to 100 % likeliness,… Læs mere Allec vision

Electronic Expansion Slot

Want Allec to control a robotic arm, extra external lights, Reverse mounted camera, measure temperature, get GPS coordinates (when above water), release depth charges…?   What you want is the Electronic Expansion Slot.   The Electronic Expansion Slot is Allec’s way of being able to adapt to your needs.   It’s basically an adapter that… Læs mere Electronic Expansion Slot

Dead reckoning navigation

Wonder how Allec navigate below the waves?   The first thing you need to know when considering submarine navigation is that radio waves really don’t like to travel below water. The means that when sailing below using GPS for navigation is not possible.   We have to fall back to the good old days, where… Læs mere Dead reckoning navigation