Discovery Chart

A brilliant feature of Allec is his Discovery chart. It’s a graphical overview of what Allec experienced during his trip under water and will display the route sailed and the objects Allec recognized during the dive on an area map.


If you bring Allec along on your underwater diving or snorkeling trip, he will record and map everything. He can then create a “map” of objects spotted and the route taken, creating a beautiful memory to save or share with your friends.


By doing so, underwater-enthusiasts can share and compare different areas for diving and snorkeling, and by so, helping other divers finding the beautiful sceneries you have discovered.


It can also be used to show friend and family, the beautiful landscapes and fish you have visited, and give them a true experience of the underwater worlds.


Here an example. Before the dive/swim or before starting fishing, let Allec scout the area. He will return with an overview of what he has seen.



The red line displays the route travelled by Allec. The icons the things discovered and the background color the maximum depth Allec was at, at the specific location. The pictures below spotlights spotted during the trip.

Pressing an icon will start playing the part of the video, where this was experienced. Same goes for the red route line, witch is pretty much a timeline.


Continuing the example, the group of friends viewing the chart decides that the wreck of the small fishing ship mostly in the middle of the chart would be nice visiting.


They suit up and ask Allec to follow them. After the dive looking again on the discovery chart:



They didn’t go directly to the wreck at once, as can be seen, but did experience a beautiful (and possibly painful) jellyfish and some sea weed.


Next time they might just ask Allec to do the Lead the way mission to the wreck.


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