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For Immediate Release (PDF version: Supportive Robotics today launches a true underwater robot for preorder on Kickstarter)


Supportive Robotics today launches a true underwater robot for preorder on Kickstarter.


Nov 29, 2017, 12:00 ECT, Odense


Today Allec the Submarine Robot launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $650 for the super early bird, Allec is a true underwater sailing robot: Sees the world through computer vision, react through predefined missions or custom AI programming, films, charts, scouts, explores, searches… on his own, following you or even wire guided if you want to be in direct control.


Allec is an affordable, easy to use robot and drone/ROV aimed at opening the underwater world up for everyone. Equally suited for nature lovers, wanting to enjoy the world below, sport fishermen looking for the big catch, divers looking for a wreck to explore, swimmers wanting a personal camera man, the yachtsman checking the hull of his ship and so on. Likewise for professional use, you here have a tool that will allow you to automate underwater tasks. Due to being a real robot, the options are close to infinite.


Thomas Nielsen, Founder of Supportive Robotics explains:

“If you are like us, you simply can’t help looking at every pool of water you pass by, wondering what’s below.

Allec is all about allowing you to explore lakes, ponds, the sea, water tanks… Allec does it all.


What makes Allec special is that he is a real robot, allowing him to do various missions on his own. You just need to tell him what to do and then sent him on the job.


What really excites us about Allec is that he allows us to explore the waters in the way WE want, intensively wire controlling him one day, laid back letting him do the exploring on another day, while we relax above water, following us on a swim or dive on yet another day.” 


Allec sees the world through images from his camera, using computer vision to actually see the things ahead of him. He not only knows that something is ahead, he can classify it into one of 10 categories and then react accordingly. If he is sailing toward sea weed, a big rock, a lost fishing net he can take evasive maneuvers, while if a big nice fish or a pretty jellyfish, he might just follow them to get some nice video footage. The type of mission he is on or the custom AI programming you have given him, decides what he should do. Current missions are Scout (an area), Search (for specific object(s)), Follow (the diver or swimmer), Lead the way (to some app entered coordinates), with more to come, either through your own AI programming creations or from Supportive Robotics.


Whenever Allec is on a mission he will record the objects he spots, marking them on the Discovery Chart. This is an easy to use chart available in both PC, android and iOS app, that mixes mapping information with video footage of the things seen.


The specs:

  • 1080/720p video camera
  • PC, Android and iOS app available
  • Can sail totally autonomous, directly controlled through WIFI buoy and wire or in a rider configuration, where Allec does the sailing, but you watch the sights through video streaming via the buoy, being able to take over control at any time, if you want to.
  • Streams directly to app via the WIFI buoy or records on internal 32 Gb SD Flash.
  • 5+ hours of standard sailing, with the rechargeable batteries easy to replace, if you brought along a spare set.
  • Navigated below through a Dead Reckoning navigation system
  • Fits nicely in an ordinary backpack
  • Can be extended with external equipment through the mounting points and externals can even controlled through the Electronic Expansion Slot.
  • Several Allecs can work together if a big area needs to be charted or searched, by setting the option in the apps.
  • Designed for up to 50 meters of depth.
  • Speed about 1.5 knot.


Allec has been designed from the start to be a good mix of technology, functionality, ease of use, low maintenance and good looks. To make the underwater world available to everyone.


You can back Allec and Supportive Robotics on their Kickstarter site now; starting at $650 for the Super Early Bird adopters.


Video and images


About Supportive Robotics:

Supportive Robotics is a tech startup based in Odense, the robotics center of Denmark. Founder Thomas Rene Nielsen, physicist and computer scientist, leads the team of innovative, technically skilled, creative and out of the box thinking people.  Supportive Robotics is a company focused on creating robots that will make you daily life easier and more fun.





Web site: http://www.supportiverobotics.comSupportive Robotics today launches a true underwater robot for preorder on Kickstarter

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