Electronic Expansion Slot

Want Allec to control a robotic arm, extra external lights, Reverse mounted camera, measure temperature, get GPS coordinates (when above water), release depth charges…?


What you want is the Electronic Expansion Slot.


The Electronic Expansion Slot is Allec’s way of being able to adapt to your needs.


It’s basically an adapter that presents various electronic interfaces, that allows the equipment to transfer data to Allec or receive commands from Allec.


New items probably require very specific interfacing, so to support this, Allec’s AI programming language will be expanded with new commands, directed at controlling whatever new item is being enabled. So yes, you can modify Missions (or write new) to include control of the new items.


For those who want’s to know the higly technical details, the¬†hardware interfaces made available are:

  • One I2C
  • One RS485
  • One SPI
  • One ADC (Analog to digital converter)
  • A few digital ports (input/output)






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